Family Reading – Pick a book, any book

Reading together as a family is such a great bonding experience. Whether it is a small book or a long, multi-chapter book, it is a great way to engage your kids in conversation. And if your kids are anything like mine, they will thoroughly impress you with their insight.

In our family, we have been reading “Wonder” as a family. I have twin 10-year-olds and a 6-year-old. I don’t feel like it is too far above my 6-year-olds’ head, and it is a great book for teaching a valuable life lesson – being kind.

The story is about a boy, Auggie, with facial deformities. He has entered a school setting for the first time as a fifth-grader and as you can expect, some kids are terribly unkind to him.

I can’t give away the ending, as we’re still reading it, but I love hearing my kids tell me about how the story makes them feel. And how it reminds them to be kind to everyone, not just those who look how you think they should.

We are very excited they are making this book into a movie and can’t wait to watch it together in November.

If you don’t want to read something so “deep” with your kids, that’s okay too. But even a Dr. Seuss book can spark a conversation. And I can guarantee your kids will love the personal time as they cuddle with you to read along and check out the great pictures (if your book has them).