Keeping the education train rolling at home

Learning to read is tough! Sometimes words sound one way, and sometimes they sound another. For example, read and read, live and live…you get the picture.

In our family, we have a little guy that is currently learning how to read. He’s in Kindergarten, and while he has an amazing teacher who has way more experience with teaching children how to read than I do, I like to reenforce learning at home.

We’ve been using every night to work through learning how to read.


We started with the ABC’s and worked through the sound each letter makes. We have progressed up to “Learn to Read” section. He can work through the story at his own pace and if there is a word he is having trouble with, he can click on it and the computer reads the word for him. There is also an option to click to have the entire sentence on the page read to you.

We love this site! Each day is different, especially with kids. So we play it by ear to see which direction we’re going to go when working on the site. Sometimes I read it to him, sometimes he tries extra hard to read the entire thing himself without a prompt, and sometimes it is a struggle to get through one short book.

We love the options the site gives us and that we will be able to grow with it. As he becomes a better reader, there are more options for him to work through and perfect his reading. They also offer some mathematics help and for those who like it, singing. My son is not a big fan of my singing…I have no idea why!

We give four thumbs up for keeping that education train rolling when you’re at home.